Any club member or direct family of a club member may request that the club opens for the after funeral wake to be held on club premises. This also applies to any deceased person who was a member within five years of their death. There will be no cost for this.

All young children must vacate the clubhouse by 19.30hrs.

If there are more than sixty people anticipated to the wake an extra member of staff will be required behind the bar, the club will arrange this and the charge will be £40.00 to the person arranging the event payable at the commencement.

Our club Stewardess can provide catering (on request) or the family can arrange outside caterers to come in on the understanding that all waste resulting from the event is removed from the premises.

Young children must be supervised at all times and parents are advised that the bowling green is NOT a play area.

For more details about holding a wake a ‘the club’ contact the Steward or Stewardess via the contact us page.