Waterloo and Taunton Conservative Club is a private members only club. Non members are welcome, however they must be accompanied and signed in by a member (small fee for entry applies).

Anyone interested in joining our club / membership fees, should complete the attached Membership Application Form. Your form will need to be printed off and signed and seconded by two current members and have 2 x passport sized photographs attached.

Once completed please hand in at the bar to the steward for details. Please note: All personal information provided on your membership application form is protected as set out in the ‘General Data Protection Legislation 2018’ and is for the sole use by Waterloo and Taunton Conservative Club only.

Members can also purchase (for a small fee) an Inter-Affiliation Ticket, allowing you access to hundreds of Conservative, Constitutional, Salisbury, Beaconsfield or Unionist Clubs. Speak to Steward / Stewardess for details.

If you hold an Inter-Affiliation Ticket from another Conservative Club then why not visit our club?

For further membership enquiries please email the committee on


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