Welcome to the website of the Waterloo and Taunton Conservative Club in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire.

Founded in the 1891 by like minded people…

Waterloo and Taunton Conservative Club is a private gentleman’s club open to members and their guests. We also welcome gentlemen visitors from other affiliated clubs (Conservative, Beaconsfield, Unionist, Constitutional) who hold inter-affiliation cards. Ladies are also welcome in the club (accompanied by a member / or female inter-affiliation card holders) between 3pm Thusdays until 9pm Sundays.

Our club was founded in 1891 by like minded people to help provide an environment to carry out social and recreational activities for the benefit of its members. We sit within our own private grounds in the village of Waterloo, Ashton-under-Lyne, and are proud to have served our members and the local community for over 128 years.

Our club provides excellent facilities including a well stocked bar with a comprehensive selection of beers, real ales, gins and wines, a lounge area, plus a snooker room. We also have a large crown green bowling lawn (added in 1900) situated at the rear of the club. Inside we have a snooker room (2 tables) and a pool room.

We have regular entertainment nights including live artists, theme nights, plus live sporting events; Forthcoming events are set out in our sport and entertainment pages.

TV Sports Lounge for all Major Sporting Events

Our club provides a safe and relaxing environment to watch all your major sporting events. We have multiple big screen televisions so wherever you are sat you can catch the action.

We cover as many events as possible including live premiership football, rugby, cricket, golf and darts. Forthcoming games can be found on our calendar of events page.

In 2016, Waterloo and Taunton Conservative Club had a major refurbishment and became the winner of the Association of Conservative Clubs, National ‘Sir Marcus Fox’ – Club of the Year Award.

In 2021 ‘the club’ celebrated its 130th birthday. A huge milestone! Here’s to the next 100 year!

Waterloo and Taunton Conservative is a busy, local, community club with strong Conservative values…

‘A great club, with great people’

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